What is the Difference between Closets and Wardrobes?

Closets and wardrobes are considered the fixed pieces of furniture that are necessary to keep things and accessories in order. Although the two are alike in many aspects they both act as common household items both in form and features. They both have different styles, sizes, and configurations. Knowing the difference between closets and wardrobes may assist you in choosing the best storage option for yourself. Before we proceed, it is important you know what closet and wardrobe mean.

Differences between a Wardrobe and a Closet

In a sliding wardrobe and closet, there exist a few distinctions: A wardrobe refers to a built-in storage area containing clothes and accessories while a closet is a small room used for storing clothes and personal effects.


The closet is an enclosed storage area that is permanently being constructed as a part of the building or home. It is mostly in houses in bedrooms or halls. It becomes an item that is put in the room behind doors and is part of the interior design. Most closets come with shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to accommodate your stored items in a more comfortable and organized manner. This has additional shelves and drawers to store your private documents as well. 


Wardrobe serves as a piece of furniture used to store clothes and other personal belongings. It is not a permanent structure installed in the room and therefore can be relocated or even changed as you would desire. Wardrobes could be of different styles, and sizes and can be easily customized depending on your storage needs and style preferences. It has variation and versatility that makes it functional such as hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers. This not only enhances the aesthetic of your room but also maximizes storage space.

Structural Differences

Basements are structural elements of a house since they are enclosed spaces. They are assembled with proper fittings such as rods, shelves, and drawers. The wardrobes are free-standing furniture that can be made of wood or any other material. You can relocate them, swap them with other parts if necessary, and modify the size to suit a specific space.

Functional Differences

Technologically, closets are functional and are designed in a way that they fit within a room’s design. There is no shortage of cabinet space and built-in storage spaces with many customers’ clothing and personal effects neatly concealed within. Others appreciate it because it is attractive and brings out the required designs as well as acting as shelves for storing other items.

Customization Options

Closets may be designed depending on the styles and designs used in constructing or renovating a house. They can be selected to mirror certain measurements and may have custom options such as drawers and shelves. Although the wardrobe is also produced in a range of designs, it seems to provide you with considerably less built-in flexibility; however, the element can be changed easily, and new models can be bought along the line to meet new requirements and preferences. 

Space Considerations

Closets take full advantage of the area wasted in between the structural walls of any room. The types are specifically suitable for small houses where the space on the floor is relatively small. Wardrobes since they are independent elements are based directly on the floor area. They are ideal for use in spacious houses with enough floor area so that the stands can complement the interior beauty of the house besides offering maximum storage space without occupying much room.

Mobility and Flexibility

Closets and wardrobes can be used interchangeably but closets are more rigid compared to wardrobes. Due to this, they are not permanently installed in the structure and hence can be easily relocated or removed when there is a change in design on the layout of the rooms, or a change in the furnishing of the rooms. They cannot be readily moved and certainly not as flexibly as movable supply shelves because they are permanent structures within the rooms they serve.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The general management of closets is a little bit difficult, which includes washing and, in some cases, replacement of sections with fixtures such as bars or shelves. Mirrors need cleaning and wiping over with a damp cloth while wardrobes need to be dusted and cleaned on external surfaces. Due to the size of wardrobes and their construction without being attached to any other furniture, sometimes to ensure that it is still strong, screws and hinges might need to be tightened from time to time.

Choosing the Right Option

There are a few factors where you determine between a closet and a wardrobe – these are space, money_, the design that you want, and your future needs. As a piece of furniture that is integrated into the interior design of homes, closets are especially ideal for small rooms because they can help optimize space by creating extra storage areas. Wardrobes are relatively more flexible gotten more value added to rooms and can even be used as a point to refer to in the room.

Bedroom Closets and Wardrobes

Bedroom closets are built-in wardrobes that are perfect for you. You can take advantage of the bedroom features to store accessories and other belongings. On the other hand, wardrobes are movable furniture that can be easily relocated or even swapped out for new ones when necessary and they serve multiple purposes, including storage and decoration of the bedroom space. A bedroom wardrobe adds a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. If a bedroom wardrobe has mirrored sliding doors then it helps save more space in your bedroom. 

Wardrobe vs. Armoire

A wardrobe is a basic term that refers to a free-standing closet that is used to store clothes and organize accessories and belongings. Armoire is a type of wardrobe and is available in various designs which may include carvings it may also have compartments for storing other items such as jewelry. Armoires are mainly used for storing clothes are more decorative and serve multiple purposes.

Different Types of Closets

There are different types of closets which are available in the market today and these include walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and built-in closets. All of the types cater to different storage requirements and space limitations.

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Cupboards and Wardrobes

Cupboards are a type of piece of furniture that can be either built-in or stand-alone and are typically used for storing kitchen or dining items. They are furniture pieces designed for storing clothes and other items such as shoes and other accessories in the house; they usually have hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers. Although both of them are used to store something, they have different utility and place.

Difference between Armoire and Wardrobe

An armoire is a type of wardrobe that can be more decorative and usually contains extra storage spaces in the form of drawers or compartments. Wardrobes are typical for storing clothes, they are less fashioned compared to armoires. These pieces of furniture are not only meant for storing clothes because they can also be used to store other items in the house.

Where Can I Buy a Wardrobe?

It is possible to get a wardrobe from local furniture stores or you can also find online stores that sell wardrobes. These include MN Furniture, Way Fair, and Amazon which provide many options for styles and prices. Furniture shops and other shops that sell local and customized items can also offer high-quality and custom wardrobes.

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Types of Wardrobe

The types of wardrobes can be divided into different main categories; sliding door wardrobes that are space efficient and provide a contemporary look; hinged door wardrobes that are traditional and versatile; and walk-in wardrobes that offer extensive storage space. Modular wardrobes are easily adaptable to meet the design specifications of a particular space and the requirements of the individual.


Wardrobes and closets are an essential part of furniture that are typically used in bedrooms or lounges. They both provide many features and benefits. But the wardrobe provides many more features than a closet. You can easily replace or customize your wardrobe when needed. But a built-in closet wardrobe can only once time customized during the renovation of your home. At MN Furniture, we provide different types of wardrobes for you. Explore our website and choose the best piece for your needs and style preferences.