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Coupon SAVE20
Delivery Between 19 July To 24 July

Erith Corner Sofa

The Erith corner sofa is one of the elegant and comfy pieces from MN Furniture that depicts the essence of sophistication. This modern corner sofa is ideal for providing the additional seating needed in your home environment. At the same time can easily replace an art piece on a nearby wall. Let’s explore the key features of the Erith corner sofa.

Key Features

Contemporary Design and Style

Our Erith Corner Sofa fits perfectly in almost your theme. These products are characterized by refined lines of the case, concise shape, and the choice of exquisite fabrics. So the purchased sofa looks to supplement your living room in the best way and becomes its center of attraction.

Superior Comfort

At MN Furniture, the Erith corner sofa comes from the fact that comfort is one of the main pillars of the brand. In the tube supported with these materials, you can get comfortable with not only the padded seats and backrests but also the bulky fillings that offer great support. Whether you intend to watch television after work or host friends, this sofa defines comfort as well as convenience.

High-Quality Construction

Here, you can see that, at MN Furniture, it’s all about quality – and it shows in the Erith corner sofa. This sofa is particularly popular because it has a solid hardwood frame that makes it ideal to be used on a daily basis. The premium material of the upholstery is that it comes in a soft touch but is quite robust enough to be used for quite a long time.

Spacious Seating

The Erith corner sofa provides enough space for you to sit and is ideal for those who own a big family or invite guests often. The proposed layout forms an L-shape which provides sufficient seating that also does not encroach on comfort to allow people to sit, eat, and socialize. This sofa set offers versatile storage space. it easily fits in your room and maximizes your storage needs.

Versatile Configuration

Erith corner sofa has also flexible features whereby it can be fixed in different positions in a room due to modular design. Whether you need the corner left or right-facing sofa, the adjustability of the furniture in terms of positioning makes it a very viable option in your living room.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the corner sofa that is located in Erith is effortless and does not attract much attention. Stain-proof and easy to clean obviously means that your upholstery features high wear capabilities and will indeed maintain an appearance akin to new even with minimal care.

Color and Upholstery Choices

At MN Furniture, we provide various colors of the Erith Corner Sofa. You can choose your favorite color that complements your existing décor.


At MN furniture, we offer Erith corner sofa with the most advanced benefits and advantages. It is to ensure that you can find better comfort with our Erith Corner Sofa. Explore our wide range of this sofa and enjoy better comfort.