Assembly Guideline for Sofa or Sofa Bed

If you want Furniture that makes your home look more luxurious. Provides you with a comfortable living style then you are at the Correct place. Because we are the only one, Who provides you with all of the furniture with proper assembly guidance just for your reference. We have large Collection of Sofa, Sofa bed available that provide you the Comfort for your living and also help you to improve your lifestyle. We also offer you the Corner sofa Bed that provides you with a unique or luxurious look. we have instruction available in different forms like we have available in the following form

sofa and sofa bed assembly instruction

All of the sofa or Sofa Bed came into pieces (Depending on the sofa you have ordered) you can easily assemble It on its own by following up the instruction guideline that came with Sofa, or Sofa Bed. But if you still need any assistance regarding your order assembly you can reach out to us any time our technical team will guide you.

Most of the sofa also has Ottoman Storage capacity that not only provides you with a different look but also help you to organize your thing in a good manner way.

We also have 2-seater or 3-seater sofas, or Sofa Beda available that provide you the decent sitting capacity for you and for your beloved once.


Video Assembly instruction.