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Parasol and Bases

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

Are you looking to enhance your outdoor experience? A parasol is a patio umbrella, is an addition to your outdoor spaces. It provides shade and protection from harsh rays of sun. A parasol becomes versatile and functional that enhances your outdoor spaces. Let us tell you the aspect of parasols and bases.

Design and Functionality of Parasols

At MN Furniture, parasols come in a wide variety of designs. It includes Vonhaus 2.7m Steel Garden Parasol, and 2.7M Garden Parasol with Crank and Base offering different styles and functionalities. They are typically made from durable and long-lasting materials. It provides UV protection and resistance to fading.

Benefits of Parasols With Durable Material

Our parasol umbrella is made from premium quality material to provide you with UV protection. It reduces the risk of sunburn and long-term sun damage. We designed these materials to resist fading. Fabrics used in our parasols are easy to clean and maintain. It just requires simple care routines to keep it looking best season after season. We ensure you that your parasol maintains its color and aesthetic appeal over time. The use of durable materials makes it a reliable and long term investment for your outdoor and garden furniture. By choosing our garden parasols with a design that is suitable for your outdoor areas. We made a canopy from durable materials. You can enjoy not only sun protection but also a stylish garden umbrella base.

Size and Coverage

When you want to select a parasol for your outdoor spaces. Considering the size and coverage is an essential part of ensuring you the shade and functionality.

Compact Options for Cozy Spaces

3M hanging LED parasol: If you have limited outdoor space than this parasol is ideal for you. You can use it for balcony, patio, or cozy corner in gardens. You should have to consider the size of your outdoor furniture.

Key features to consider when choosing a garden parasol

Size and Shape

When you select a garden parasol, it is essential to consider the size and shape of the canopy. You should have to measure the size of your outdoor space. The size of canopy and you outdoor spaces should match. Additionally, you can choose different types of canopy according to your functional needs and preferences.

Material Quality

At MN Furniture, we can understand that the durability of large garden parasols depends upon the quality of the material. We have high quality frames made for light weight and weather resistant. You can choose our durable material for large garden umbrellas to enhance your outdoor areas.

Keeping Your Garden Parasol Secure

Ensure the stability of your garden parasol with the best tips of MN Furniture. We provide you best ideas for choosing a best and sturdy parasol for your outdoor spaces. Consider parasol weights to ensure proper placement on your flat surfaces. We provide you with regular maintenance and proper storage solutions. We will help you to enjoy relaxing outdoor moments for years.

Parasol Bases: Stability and Support

We can understand that the base of the parasol base is essential for stability. Especially in weather condition such wind, rain etc. we provide you a base that is heavy enough to prevent tipping over. Our bases for garden are include different type of heavy and high quality material. Our parasol bases are durable, stable and long-lasting.

Parasol Outdoor Umbrella

Our outdoor umbrella is used for dual purposes: providing you shade and protecting your parasols from light rain showers. It is useful in weather conditions, such as, wind, rain, sunset etc. we have a range of sizes of parasols. Also, you can choose your favorite colors and design that are suitable for your personal needs. We crafted these parasols from waterproof materials and sturdy features to withstand every element.

Compatibility of Parasol and Bases

We can understand that the compatibility between a parasol and its base is very crucial. Here, we define some key factors for you: Size and weight: it is essential to match the size and weight of the parasol and base. A base that is limited and small. It may not provide stability, especially in weather conditions. MN Furniture offers a wide variety of bases. We designed an outdoor parasol base to complement your parasol sizes and weights. We ensure you a secure and excellent setup in your outdoor living areas.

Customization Options

At MN Furniture, we provide you with many customization options for your parasol and base combinations. We allow you to choose a perfect match for your outdoor living areas. Whether you want to customize a classic design or a sleek look. We have many options for you to suit your style and functionality. By choosing MN Furniture for your garden furniture, you can ensure compatibility and enjoy a secure outdoor experience. Explore our wide variety of premium quality rattan garden furniture to enhance your outdoor living areas.


What can I use instead of a parasol garden base?

You can use patio umbrella stands, planter boxes, weighted container etc.

Do parasol bases fit all parasols?

No parasol bases are not fit for all parasols. Compatibility depend on many factors such as size, weight, mechanism, material and design for both the parasol and base.

What is the best base for an umbrella?

The best base for an umbrella depend on many factors such as, the type of surface it will be placed on, prevailing weather conditions. Generally a sturdy base made from durable materials for stability and safety.


In conclusion, we offer a wide range of premium quality parasols for enhancing your outdoor experience. Our outdoor parasol provides you with UV Protection, easy maintenance, and ensures long-term enjoyment. We crafted these parasols with a focus on design, style, functionality and longevity. We have a variety of sizes, shapes and materials that are suitable for your outdoor spaces. We ensure the stability of our sturdy bases for challenging weather conditions. We also provide customization options allowing you to create a best match for your style and preferences. Explore our collection to enhance your outdoor living spaces with protection and style.