MN Furniture has some terms and conditions about using the website, and before using the website you have to accept these terms and conditions. Otherwise, you may not be able to use our website. These conditions are also applied to all the purchases you want to do from our website. Please read all these conditions carefully before using the site:

Requirements to order:

If you are willing to do purchase with us then you have to provide authentic information about your name, email, number, and other contact details. In addition to that, provide an accurate delivery address to save you and us both from any inconvenience. Please email us at info@mnfurnitures.co.uk for further information.


Our policy is very strict against any copyright violation. All the data on our website is protected via UK copyright Law and anyone tries to use this data without our permission will face the consequences. Either they will be asked to remove the data or they will be treated through Law.

Warranty on our items:

All the items manufactured in MN Furniture have a one-year warranty, so if any defect found in our furniture pieces within the mentioned time then we will compensate you for this. We can either replace the item with new one or repair the damage upon your request.

Customized order cancellation:

All the orders that you have customized according to your style cannot be canceled at free of cost. You still have to pay almost half the price of the item in case you want to cancel your personalized item.

Payment related issues:

If you are using credit or debit cards then card issuers have to authorize your card. If you are unable to pay due to authorization problems then we are not responsible for late delivery or delay. We will protect your payment and card information and keep it to ourselves, but if any third party get unauthorized access to your data then we are not responsible for that.

Delivery Details:

We deliver all our orders within 3-4 working days all over the UK and provide free delivery for UK orders. Other than UK delivery charges will be applied. Furthermore, if you cancel the order after dispatch than an amount will be charged to cover mail and administrative costs which is around £100 – £150.

If you did not get your order within 5- 6 days after order placement then contact our customer service center as soon as possible. They will guide you to track your orders. If you want to do “cash on delivery” then the order must not open until submission of full payment. In addition to that, if your location is far from parking or unloading area and you want delivery man’s help then labor charges will apply according to the extra time spend on unloading.

Lastly, we work hard to deliver you the order as soon as possible but there can be a chance in delay due to some unseen reasons. Therefore, you have to trust our services and cope with that in such situations.

Other websites’ links:

If there is any hyperlink present on our website which leads to open another website, then MN Furniture does not take responsibility for the quality and nature of the content present on that specific website.

Miscellaneous issues:

We provide a money-back guarantee within 30 days after delivery. And if you want a replacement then contact us as soon as possible. Furthermore, returns are done free of cost if there is any damage caused by us during the dispatch process. For further information related to any issue kindly contact our customer service center which is available 24×7 for your convenience.