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  • We obtain information from you in three different ways:
  1. The information you provide us yourself like your email address, phone number, and password. In addition to that, profile and payment information.
  2. Secondly, the information we obtain automatically from your website use like IP address, device information, cookie data, location data, saved items, and purchase history.
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  • Your information is necessary for registration on the website, similarly, it will be used in market analysis and provide you further information about our improved services and give you notifications about our updates.
  • Data will be used in fraud detection and prevention process, as there is always a risk of that for both parties i.e. sellers and buyers. It will help us to build your trust in our services as well.
  • Keeping the record of your purchase history and providing you valued customer facilities like large discounts, gift hampers, and lucky draws. We offer these services to our valued customers occasionally.
  • Your information will be shared with:
  1. whom we transfer our rights under our agreement with you.
  2. Services Agents of our website who manage your data for us so we can arrange our services according to your interest.
  • For the improvement of our website, we use cookies which are used to monitor your activity on our website. Like how often you search our website and which specific pages you have visited. It helps us to make the website User-friendly by saving your password and you do not have to enter a password every time you log in our website.
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