Privacy Policy:

We are sincerely committed to secure all of your privacy. It’s our first priority and our responsibility to secure all of your privacy definitely everyone have question on his/her mind why we fetch your details and who have your details before go through this you need to know how we Collect your information there is different ways to collect your information. Find out it under below
 Information you provided to us
 Information we Collect about you

Information you provided to us:

You share your information via different ways like
 By placing orders
 By visiting our website
 Correspondence

Type of Information we collect:

There is different kind of information we collect from your side via different Channels or ways

Information get form your Order:

When you have done any purchase form our website you must have to share your some personal details like your complete name, Your Address, your Postal Code, your personal contact details, your account detail, financial and debit card detail etc

By visiting our website:

When you are come and visit our website (The Modern Furniture online) we fetch your interest and your preferences, we get your location from where you are visiting our online store (The Modern Furniture online). And how long you visit our website or our online store
If you sign up our website for some promotional codes to get discounted product we get your details like your E-Mail which you use to sign up and as well we save your password to provide you the facility to automatically login to our website


If you get in touch with us may be we record your correspondence or calls

Information we collect about you:

When you visit our online store we will fetch your some of the information automatically

Visiting Detail:

When you come to visit our online store we automatically get some your information including when and how you visit our online Store, your searches and your preferences Time scale how long you visit our web pages, HTTP protocol element, your device type and ID. The most of the data is collected by Accept Coolies and by some analytic software used in our website

Some technical information:

We may get your IP Address which is give to your system when you are get in touch with some internet connections and operating system browser. As well we may get your information regarding your browser type and version, you login information and the information regarding the operating system you use.

Who have your details?

There is only 2 to 3 parties who have your limited details according to their roles


 Website Management team
 Delivery Team
 Our Customer care Team

Website Management team (Purpose of Share)

To manage all of your detail to provide you the satisfied services if you come and inquire about your then they will guide you in better way
Delivery Team (Purpose of share)
Our Delivery Company only have your order details that you are provided to us like your Address your complete name, your contact detail and the detail of the product you have ordered

Our Customer care Team (Purpose of Share)

When you are get in touch with our Customer care team via different platform lie via call then the person over the phone get your order number and send it to our website management team and fetch your Limited details regarding to your order like what you are ordering form from us and regarding your estimated time of delivery if you insist him to conform your delivery Address then they have right to get your delivery Address detail on your request only

Why We Collect your Information:

There is various reasons behind the Collection of your date some main reason are under below
To provide you the better service ever
To keep updating to you regarding our new arrivals and modifications on our product
To offer you some discount In our product because some time ru some promotional discounts for our previous Customers by giving us some voucher code

Our Security Protocols:

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR we are not allowed to sell your any kind of personal information with any other parties
Your data is secured by using high security service technology
Your privacy is our first priority to maintain all this data secure we follow us some security protocols we have professionals to manage all of your details and have number of security barriers to make it secure end to end We have our fully secure servers where we store all of your details.
If you want to switch your any of your details you can Contact us any time we are always be here for you