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Houston Wardrobe

Houston wardrobe is the smartest one among all the sliding mirror wardrobes. It is so decent in its look. It modifies your room look into classy and modish one. You cannot resist its beauty and uniqueness. It has the capacity to store all kinds of stuff. From outfits to accessories, it can hold everything. You will see your room in an organized manner when placed in it.

High-quality Material Is Used

The high-quality MDF Chipboard with matt finish is used in this Houston wardrobe to provide you with durability and long-lastingness. We provide excellence in the form of good-quality material. The shiny surfaces also give a vibrant look to the dressing room.

Size and Color Variations

Adjust the sliding wardrobe with lights in accordance with your dressing room. Be wise while selecting the particular size of the wardrobe. We have different size variations like 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, and 203cm. whereas, the available colors are white, grey, and black. These basic colors are suitable for any room theme.

Benefit of Houston Wardrobe

It has a smart shape and gives your room a classy look. If you want to make your room modern and stylish, install Houston wardrobe in it and see the transformation. What is better than having extra space, movable shelves, drawers, hanging rails, and sturdy sliding doors in one package?

Sliding Mirror Doors

The doors are sturdy and have an easy grip. You can open them by sliding with a little force, doors have a clear mirror which can be used as a dressing mirror while getting ready for school, university or office.

Free Delivery All Over UK

Yes, you got it right! We are delivering the products without delivery charges all over the UK. This is one of the amazing and exclusive options you can avail. Get your items within 3 to 5 working days.

Summing Up

The Houston wardrobe has a classy look and enhances the charm and glam of your dressing room. This is one of the best wardrobes you can install in your bedroom. It has spacious storage compartments, movable shelves and hanging rails to store your clothes and other accessories. Moreover, we deliver products without delivery charges all over the UK. You will never get such an exclusive offer anywhere else.

Why to buy Houston wardrobe?

It is a complete blend of style, creativity, and glam. From large and spacious compartments to wide drawers and shelves it is exceptionally perfect. You can keep several items in it like outfits, coats, jackets, shawls, towels, and many other accessories.

Where to place your wardrobe?

A wardrobe defines the overall look of your bedroom so be wise while setting it in the particular area of the bedroom or dressing room. Make sure to place it in the corners and avoid any space blockage. It uses the minimum spaces of the area due to its adjustable sizes. It is free-standing and provides you with the maximum storage spaces.