Assembly Guideline:

Here we are the only one who provides you with the product with an A-to-Z assembly guideline for all wardrobes we have the instruction for 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180m, and 203cm wardrobes.

Our all Sliding wardrobe Came with proper assembly instructions we provide you the assembly guideline in different forms as per Customer requirements.

We provide you with the assembly guideline in the following form.

PDF Assembly Manual.

Video Assembly instruction.

If Customers still need any assistance or face any inconvenience to assemble their Wardrobes you can also reach us via proper channels like Via Live chat or via our official E-mail Address or Via our Official Help Line number our team always be here for you.

High Gloss Wardrobes

We have High Gloss Wardrobes too in multiple Designs Like we have Sydney High  Gloss Wardrobe, Sycylia High Gloss Wardrobe, Vikas High Gloss Wardrobe, Manhattan High Gloss Wardrobe, etc. All these wardrobes also came with an assembly manual just for your assembly reference to make the whole Assembly process smooth. This Guideline also available in the following form

Video Assembly instruction.

Sycylia High Gloss Wardrobe:

Sycylia High Gloss Wardrobe is one of our most elegant or unique variants. The Wardrobe has enough space to organize your clothes. The wardrobe also has drawers to offer you a decent storage capacity. The instruction for the wardrobe assembly is given below.

PDF Assembly Manual.

Manhattan High Gloss Wardrobe:

Manhattan Wardrobe is one of our most selling wardrobes just because of their look and decent storage capacity. The wardrobe also Contain a hanging section too where you can well organize your clothes The instruction are given below just for your reference to avoid any kind of innocence

PDF Assembly Manual.

Vikas High Gloss Wardrobe:

Vikas High Gloss wardrobe specially designs for those who have minimum space and still want to organize their bedroom with well maintained Sliding wardrobe because this wardrobe also came in smaller sizes like 120cm 150cm etc. You can easily assemble it by following up on the following instructions Guideline

PDF Assembly Manual.

Assembly Services:

We also offer Assembly services to our customers we have our professional persons who assemble your item and they will charge you some amount which depends on the wardrobe you have ordered and the address where you live. if you want to book the assembly service you just need to Confirm us via our Official Contact detail so we can book the assembly service for you.