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Coupon SAVE20
Delivery Between 23 July To 2 August

Nova Sofa Bed

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home? Discover the Nova Grey Corner Sofa Bed and the Nova Beige Corner Sofa Bed. At MN Furniture, we have a wide collection of Nova Sofa beds, so cozy and convenient, in an attractive style. Check out our wide variety of Nova Grey Corner Sofa Bed and our ChicNova Beige Corner Sofa Bed. Let’s delve into the features of our Nova Sofa Beds.

Key Features

Comfortable Cushions

Our Nova sofa beds having plush pillows will guarantee a comfortable sitting and a good night's sleep. It allows you to sit comfortably without back pain.

Durable Construction

At MN Furniture, we designed these Sofa Beds with frame and upholstery with sturdy construction along with quality materials guarantee extended durability. We craft these sofa beds with attention to every little detail and precision. We also use premium quality material and sturdy construction. Ensuring the durability of our Nova sofa beds.

Space-Saving Corner Design

Our Nova Sofa Beds also include corner sofa bed. Perfect to make the optimum use of space in the living room, if you host the guests or have a studio apartment. We designed these corner sofa beds to maximize storage space. So that you can make your living room functional and elegant.

Neutral Colors

Our sofa beds have available colors; the greys and beiges of the upholstery of our furniture can blend in with various styles and color schemes in the house. You can choose the color that best matches your existing décor.

Easy Maintenance

At MN Furniture, Cotton is cleaned and maintained because longevity is the most important and it represents the thing that removes any difficulty. You can easily maintain your sofa bed and enjoy its seating and sleeping experience for years to come.

Customization Options

At MN Furniture, we can understand that you have your unique and specific ideas or opinions. That’s why we offer customization options on our Nova sofa bed. You can customize your piece according to your needs and style preferences. Nova

Sofa Bed Sale

We can understand that everyone can't afford our Nova Sofa Bed. That’s why we offer some deals and discounts on our Nova Sofa Bed, including black Friday sale, the New Year sale and more. Stay connected with us to get updates on our sale events.

Why Choose MN Furniture?

At MN Furniture, we aim to provide the best quality and style in all pieces. We came up with a Nova Sofa Bed Collection that fixed both the problems of space saving and contemporary design.


At MN Furniture, we provide our Nova Sofa Beds with many key features and benefits. We designed these sofa beds with attention to every detail and by using premium quality material. Ensuring the durability and longevity of our Nova Sofa Beds. we also have color variations on these sofa beds. you can find the perfect piece that is perfect fits your living space.