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Coupon SAVE20
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Kevin Corner Sofa Bed

At MN Furniture, our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed is an affordable piece of furniture that offers a modern touch to your living area while at the same time bringing out the comfort and coziness of adequate furniture. Its cloth features stylish fabric, which gives a classy look and feel to the sofa, apart from the generously sized seating area to accommodate all your family members and visitors.

Key Features

Sophisticated Upholstery

Our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed has a complex of different color tones upholstery which can blend with various interiors easily. It has no hue which we can say depicts any particular style but it gives off a modern and classy feel perfect for your living room.

Convertible Function

In terms of versatility, the aspect that would be worth paying attention to is the main feature of the Kevin Corner Sofa Bed. In addition to being a comfortable couch for relaxation, it also transforms into a functional bed for guests making it a practical piece for your home.

Robust Construction

We created our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed with durable frames. This makes it possible for the construction to be of high quality to be able to endure the everyday vices of wear and tear without developing faults in it.

Comfortable Cushions

The latest upholstery of our sofa bed with high-density foam material makes the cushion more comfortable and supportable. Our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed can facilitate an individual sitting or sleeping hence making it suitable for regular use.

Hidden Storage

One of the best features of our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed is the storage compartment that is combined. This is a wonderful secret space where the bedding, pillows, or your living room equipment can be safely placed to be invisible and maintain tidiness.

Modern Aesthetic

Our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed is designed in a very fashionable manner which complements your modern home interior. Its sleek look blends seamlessly into your home and acts as a centerpiece of the living room.

Easy Maintenance

The material used in the making of our Kevin Corner Sofa Bed has been a perfect color shades upholstery which not only gives it a good look but is also very easy to clean. With time and technological advancement, the fabric has been developed to be strong and easy to wash, making sure that your sofa bed does not get dirty easily.

Space-Saving Design

Our Kevin Sofa Bed’s corner configuration is perfect for small apartments and big families that would not want to give up space for a living room set. This design makes the sofa extra space-saving, which means you can place it in a corner of the house no matter whether you have a big living room or a small one.


At MN furniture, we offer Kelvin Corner sofa bed for your better comfort and support. We provide many features on this sofa bed including customization options, space-saving solutions, and more. Don’t wait, explore our wide collection of Kelvin sofa beds and make your home a beautiful haven.