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Bobby 2-door Wardrobe

Enhance the look of your bedroom with this unique and appealing wardrobe. Bobby wardrobe is a blend of grace and function. It looks perfectly suitable and aesthetic in your bedroom. Your room will look more charming, cozier, and modern. Perfect for storing your outfits and accessories. Its oriental-inspired design has won the game.

You Can Set Your Wardrobe

These sliding mirror wardrobes can be placed in your bedrooms or dressing rooms. Because these wardrobes are designed to be installed in the areas where you live the most or where you have the most of the items. So that you can get the items you want instantly.

Organize Your Space to Perfection

Bobby wardrobe is in such a huge size that it can store all kinds of stuff like outfits, shoes, jackets, blankets, etc. It has multiple storage compartments so that you can have enough space to store your everyday essentials without any mess.

Size Available

To provide you the comfort and meet your needs, we have designed a wardrobe in 71cm. So that one can't find any difficulty while searching for a small wardrobe.

Color Options

Furthermore, the available colors for the bobby wardrobe are white, grey, and black. You can order the color of your wardrobe according to the theme.

Double Sliding Doors

The doors are sturdy and stable enough to provide you with a strong grip. These are noise-free and can be opened with just a little bit of force.

Design Inclusivity

The sliding wardrobe with lights style allows it to complement any theme. It appears quite elegant and quaint when placed in your changing area.

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You see, the features are so dependable that it is impossible to discount their value. Simply tidy your room and arrange everything in the Bobby wardrobe, which perfectly combines functionality and convenience. Everyone should have one of the nicest wardrobes in their bedroom. It's essential to make your bedroom stylish and contemporary.

Which material is best for your wardrobe?

Never compromise over quality as your wardrobe must be made of high-quality material so that it can be used for long-lasting. This Bobby 2-door wardrobe is made of an MDF chipboard with a white matt finish.

Where should your wardrobe be placed?

It can be positioned at the corner wall of your room if it's small so that the least amount of space is wasted. Additionally, if your room is spacious, consider covering the entire wall with a wardrobe it will appear stylish and inviting.