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Delivery Between 24 August To 3 September
Coupon SAVE20
Delivery Between 24 August To 3 September

Dakar Sofa Bed

Are you finding to maximizing your storage spaces? At MN Furniture, we provide our Dakar sofa bed according to your needs and style preferences. You can choose your best piece that cater to your taste and easily matches your existing décor

The Dakar Sofa Bed comes in a classy design

At MN Furniture, our Dakar sofa bed is stylish and comes with the best recipes for contemporary lifestyle. This is because it has finest lines as well as simple designed furniture which you can effortlessly embellish any kind of significant design of your house. The elegant choices of upholstery make the nice furniture add the classy look to your room. It adds a modern and sleek touch to your living room

Assembly and Delivery

At MN Furniture, we offer the services of assembly of the Dakar sofa bed. We have proper delivery service whereby our technicians properly handle your sofa bed and place it in the preferred place. We must tell you before 24 hours of the delivery. We assure you that your piece of furniture reaches at your doorstep safely

Warranty and Return Policy

In addition, the Dakar sofa bed sits with full structural warranties for all our buyers thus offering an assurance about the purchase. At MN Furniture, we also maintains a reasonable return policy which means that in the event you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it. We also have a dedicated customer service department, who will gladly help if there is ever any query or an issue

Customer Support

At MN Furniture, we place a high value on customer support and seeks to offer our clients the best level of service. You can use this live chat service to ask anything you want concerning the Dakar sofa bed and all other products. At Smiling Farm we work hard to guarantee that all our customers have a satisfying shopping experience

Comfort and Functionality

Our Dakar sofa bed is ergonomic in design, it comes with the comfort and usability. Sofa bed materialized by reinforced high density foam cushion that offers a comfortable sitting and sleeping experience. The usability feature of our Dakar sofa bed enables the change of the sofa to a bed without much strain; convenient for accommodating guests or in regions of limited space

Quality Construction

Our Dakar sofa bed has a robust construction and is made from the finest materials, it will therefore be able to offer the user a very long time of service. We designed our Dakar sofa bed with premium quality material to ensure durability and longevity. You can use this piece of furniture for years to come.


At MN Furniture, our Dakar sofa bed defines elegance and functionality in the kind of home furniture that is total with quality. Conclusively, it’s a very practical chair that comes with a pleasant design and excellent build that makes it a durable asset to your home setting. Explore our wide collection and enhance the overall aesthetics of your home.