Why Sliding Wardrobes More Expensive Than Standard Wardrobes?

Sliding wardrobes are important because they offer a stylish design and the advantage of occupying less space. However, their costs can differ depending on several factors. Knowing these factors will enable you to distinguish whether sliding wardrobes are more costly than other wardrobes for your home. And then you’ll be able to find the best wardrobe for you in your budget range. So let’s tell you about some factors and the cost of sliding door wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobe Cost UK

The prices of sliding wardrobes in the UK can be quite cheap as well as expensive depending on the material used, size, and the level of customization. The cost of the basic one can vary from £300 and may go up to £2,000 for the high-end wardrobes with superior materials and custom-made designs. Local carpenters as well as large retail chains can have a variety of prices. At MN Furniture, we also have various designs of sliding wardrobes on an affordable budget.

Materials and Finishes

The cost varies depending on the type of material used and the finish that is applied. Wardrobes made of solid wood or wardrobes with mirror or glass panels inside. Here, you should ensure that you pick your materials depending on how much money you are willing to spend and the appearance you want.

Installation Costs

 Initialize Additional charges such as assembly service charges may also contribute to the overall cost. With a professional installation, the doors are well aligned and functional, which is quite expensive, ranging from a hundred pounds to five hundred pounds. A DIY installation may be cheaper but it will also mean investing a lot of time and energy.

Fitted Wardrobes vs. Sliding Wardrobes Cost

When it comes to comparing the costs of fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobes, the most significant factors are the design and installation. Fitted wardrobes are designed to match the size of the room and offer a streamlined appearance but they are more costly than other wardrobes because they are made to the exact dimensions of the room and materials used. According to this sliding wardrobes are good for your home because you can replace them any time you want or change their designs according to your changing taste and style. 

Customization and Design

Fitted wardrobes are highly versatile and allow for a range of features, such as draw–in elements, shelves, and built-in lighting. This level of personalization is very expensive and may lead to higher costs. Sliding wardrobes can also be made to order, but the choice is rather limited which makes them somewhat cheaper at times.

Space Utilization

Fitted wardrobes are designed to be placed in alcoves and other such corners of the room while the sliding wardrobes need an open wall space for the doors to glide. Depending upon the area it can be seen that one of the options will be more economical than the other. Fitted wardrobes take up more space in the room and make a rush however sliding wardrobes are designed for compact and small living areas. These sliding wardrobes provide storage-saving solutions. 

Bespoke wardrobes: how much are they going to cost me?

These are not standard wardrobes that are mass-produced with standard designs, sizes, and fittings but those that are made to order. This level of customization usually goes hand in hand with a higher price tag because the products are made with a lot of attention to detail. Bespoke wardrobes are much more expensive than sliding-door wardrobes. 

Design and Consultation Fees

Some wardrobes may need a consultation service to get an idea of what you need, which attracts extra charges. These consultations ensure that the final product is what you want and fits well in your space and hence commands a higher price.

Premium Materials and Features

All these features such as hardwood, glass, and metal, incorporation of lighting, and soft close mechanisms, amongst others, are costly and can add to the cost of a custom-made wardrobe. Despite this, the other features are very useful and provide long-term advantages and aesthetic value.

Cheapest Sliding Wardrobe Options

Cheap sliding wardrobes can be bought based on the material used, the design or style of the wardrobe, and most importantly, the store where the furniture is purchased from. Pre-made solutions and the possibility of their installation with your own hands will allow you to save some money and not compromise efficiency.

Ready-Made Wardrobes

Pre-fabricated sliding wardrobe systems are available in several home furniture stores such as MN Furniture, IKEA, and Amazon at different prices. These options are readily available in different standard sizes and of course, in various finishes hence are easily affordable. MN Furniture provides various features on their wardrobes and other furniture pieces. 

DIY Assembly

You can save money when building your wardrobe. Make sure that you are well-equipped with the required materials and have adequate background in DIY work to produce a good result.

Fitted wardrobes and sliding wardrobes: what to choose, advantages and disadvantages of the two types of wardrobes.

Every type of wardrobe comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Fitted wardrobes are suitable for individuals who want to fit their furniture into specific spaces, and they offer the most space-saving solutions while sliding wardrobes are suitable for individuals who want modern designs that are easier to install. Sliding wardrobe also adds a modern and sleek touch to any living room. 

Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes

Customization: Designed to fit into your space, and to help you make the most of it.

Aesthetic Integration: It does not complement the interior design of the rooms where it is installed.

Longevity: Made of resistant materials that make the product long-lasting and durable.

Disadvantages of Fitted Wardrobes

Cost: It has to do with the fact that customization as well as installation cost more.

Flexibility: It becomes almost immovable or it is difficult to change once installed.

It cannot be replaced or changed when needed. It is just designed at one time when you renovate your new home. 

Advantages of Sliding Wardrobes

Space-Saving: All the doors slide instead of swinging out and take less space. Suitable for small and compact living homes, apartments, or offices.

Modern Design: This design has a modern and minimalistic approach. It adds a modern and sleek touch to any living room. 

Ease of Installation: More frequently cheaper and faster in installation. You can replace your wardrobe when you want and also change the design of your wardrobe when you want.

Disadvantages of Sliding Wardrobes

Track Maintenance: It is important to note that tracks may get dusty and may need to be cleaned up sometimes. So if you clean it after a month or a few days when you want then your wardrobe will be long-lasting and durable.

Limited Customization: Less variety of customization as compared with fitted wardrobes. 

DIY Sliding Wardrobe Cost

Constructing a sliding wardrobe on your own can be a good solution to save some money and get the desired design of the wardrobe. DIY options take time and effort and you have to know what kind of products to use.

Planning and Materials

Before you start the process of designing your wardrobe, you need to plan how you want it to be arranged in space and how functional it should be. Some of the most affordable materials include MDF, Plywood, or pre-finished panels to save on cash. Think about the possibility of buying tracks and hardware from specialized shops or online retailers. 

Tools and Time

It is also important to have the right tools such as a saw, a drill, and a measuring tape among others. It is recommended to invest some time into the planning stage, assembling, and finishing to make the project look as good as it could be.

You should buy your sliding wardrobe from MN Furniture at affordable prices rather than these efforts.

MN Furniture Deals and Discounts on Sliding Wardrobe

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Depending on the type of material used, the level of customization, and the cost of installation, the price of sliding wardrobes can be quite different. Although they may be a bit costly compared to other similar products, it is possible to come up with a very good plan that can help you get the perfect sliding wardrobe without having to dig too deep into your pockets. By considering the cost factor alongside functionality and appearance, you will be in a better position to make the right decision. If you want a sliding wardrobe at an affordable price, stay connected with MN Furniture sales and discounts on furniture.