Guide to Choosing a Mirrored Wardrobe

Buying a new mirror wardrobe is both a great pleasure and a responsibility and to find the best for your room you should follow certain steps.

There are many wardrobe designs available in the market today and for the best wardrobe design for a bedroom utilizing space and functionality, a mirrored wardrobe could be ideal. In this guide, you will acquire detailed information concerning the available types of mirrored wardrobe doors, the possible colors that you can use, and lastly, how you can maintain the mirror doors to offer the best look and to remain clean at all times. However, we will also get an idea of why Mirrored wardrobes are ideal for your home.

Hinged vs. Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors

There is also the option of hinged or sliding doors, or more specifically, where the mirror is set up: whether on one or two sides of the wardrobes. It is essential to understand what fits best in your space and maintenance choice since both options are advantageous.

Hinged Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Folding doors are also known as the hinged style of doors, whereby the doors open outwards in any event. Here are some benefits of hinged mirror wardrobe doors:

Accessibility: Hinged doors can be opened to the left or the right and whenever they are opened fully, they give you a better view of your clothes and items that are placed inside the wardrobe.

Versatility: These doors can be installed with a mirror on the inside or outside or even both if you prefer to have more choices for the décor of your bedroom.

Classic Look: In addition to functional advantages, hinged doors offer a more traditional and elegant appearance that may look suitable in different styles of bedroom design.

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Sliding doors represent contemporary hinged doors where the doors open by sliding, not by rotating. Here are some benefits of sliding mirror wardrobe doors:

For the reason that they do not cause a need for another space so that they can be opened, sliding doors are ideal for small rooms. They make your bedroom appear more glamorous and not old fashioned or rusty looking as some of the traditional bedroom furniture makes it look. An advantage of having the unit with a sliding door is that it can open access to your wardrobes without having to consider where the doors will open.

There are two basic types of mirrored wardrobe doors and they are available in hinged and sliding styles that may suit the particular room space preferred by the homeowner. Here is a short analysis of some of the furniture that can give you a better understanding of why MN Furniture would be suitable for your choice:

MN Furniture’s Hinged Mirrored Wardrobes

London White Hinged Wardrobe: This wardrobe gives a relief from the usual boring look and comes with full-length mirror stickers on the doors. This one is a great example of conventional designs and it provides the additional element of light that could be useful if you are thinking about a source of artificial lighting.

London Oak Hinged Wardrobe: Made of an oak finish, it has a mirror door which adds traditional and elegant looks as well as practical usage. This one is perfect for your living room.

MN Furniture’s Sliding Mirrored Wardrobes

Royal Sliding Wardrobe: This wardrobe has bright and beautiful mirrored doors that are sliding and with this, it is a space saver and a masterpiece you want to see in your bedroom. It is good, especially for compact offices or any smaller location that you will be working at.

Royal Grey Sliding Wardrobe: This wardrobe has fashionable grey panels and mirrored glass in the doors, it also has a quality appearance. It is ideal in the contemporary interiors and has many shelves, though it does not take up much space.

Mirror Wardrobe Color Options

Mirrored wardrobe containers are available in different colors; therefore, you can settle on the right one depending on your bedroom design. Here are some popular color options:


White mirrored Wardrobes are rather bright; you can install furniture like the Royal White Wardrobe from MN Furniture. They can make your room look more spacious and are easy to access and coordinate with other furniture items and other decorations as well as other furniture styles.


For instance, dark hues-styled wardrobes like the *Royal Grey Wardrobe* are classic and elegant. You can use grey in different interior design styles and with different remaining colors because it is so versatile.


Some forms of mirrored wardrobes include oak mirrored wardrobes such as the *Royal Oak Wardrobe* and they have a warm natural outlook. They are perfect for classic, traditional, or modern decor.

How Do You Keep Mirrored Wardrobes Clean?

With time the mirrors on the doors of the mirrored wardrobe may become foggy or the wardrobes may develop rust stains on their interior part. Here are some simple tips to help you:

Clean your mirrored wardrobe with a dust cloth in a regular manner and try to ensure it is dry. This will help to avoid the easy attraction of dust and dirt on the surface of the mirrors hence making it easier to clean them. Apply on a soft cloth and clean the mirrors using circular movements like you are spraying in the air.

 Do not apply a large amount of the cleaner on the mirrors to avoid having to wipe it off resulting in streaks. Avoid using hard detergents on your mirrored wardrobe to avoid scratching the surface. These can also scraped over the surface of the mirror and affect the appearance of the mirrors. Never leave the frames of the mirrored wardrobe untouched by even the smallest of dust particles. When dusting the frames, ensure that you wet the cloth to ensure that it cleanly removes the dust without smearing, and once you have cleaned the frames, ensure that you use a dry cloth to dry them. This helps in maintaining a good appearance of all the clothes in the wardrobe and appear as if they were newly bought.

Why is a Mirrored Wardrobe a Great Choice for me?

The mirror is one of the most common furniture types, especially in the modern world, and it is miles ahead of other wardrobe types for many reasons.

There are several reasons why mirrored wardrobes are a great choice for your bedroom:

Space Illusion

Mirrored wardrobes are those furniture that make your room look and feel larger than it is as they give a mirror-like reflection of the contents. These mirrors can reflect light and that makes the room livelier and looks greater than its real size. This is particularly important where the space available for cabinetry storage is restricted, as is often the case in confined spaces.


The use of mirrors at the back or side of wardrobe doors can mean that you avoid the need for procuring and storing a large dedicated wall mirror. This helps put on clothes and even make adjustments to one’s outfit to ensure that there are no creases without occupying additional space.


Mirrored wardrobes also bring out sophistication and glamour in the house which is why; they are ideal to place in the bedroom. The bar glasses come in different designs and styles so you can select one that will blend with the décor of your room.


Mirrored wardrobes are useful because they can have a wardrobe and a mirror in one unit. This ensures that your room does not have unnecessary cluttering of items, making it easier for you to move around.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting a Mirrored Wardrobe?

Selecting the right mirrored wardrobe for use in the bedroom involves some decision-making regarding the type of doors, colors, and other aspects regarding how the same can be cleaned. If you fancy hinged doors or if you have opted for Sliding doors, mirrored wardrobes from MN Furniture match your taste. A mirrored wardrobe not only gives a touch of style and sophistication to a particular room, but it can also be functional, such as optical illusion, and free space. A mirrored wardrobe closet is not only functional but also a beautiful piece of furniture that helps to improve the general look of the bedroom If you take care of the cleanliness of the wardrobe and choose the color of the mirrored doors that is suitable for the general interior of the room, then you will for sure be satisfied with the result.


If you live in a small living room or apartment, then MN Furniture is the leading shop of mirrored wardrobes from which you may choose. Or if you are not able to decide between a hinged wardrobe and a sliding one, we are guaranteed to have just what you were looking for. So, brown our website today and turn your bedroom into a stylish and comfortable place with the help of a beautiful and useful mirrored wardrobe.