Customize and Decorate Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors (1)

How to Decorate Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobe doors can also be put in different designs and styles to complement the overall outlook of your bedroom. This is why, no matter if you want a drastic change or a complexion of change there are numerous ways of reaching the needed result. This guide will provide ideas to beautify wardrobe doors.

What are the best ways to upgrade wardrobe doors?

In today’s modern era, every person has a wardrobe in their home. Do you want to enhance the style and look of your wardrobe? Just follow the given tips to enhance the aesthetics of your wardrobe.

  • Wallpaper for wardrobe doors.
  • Application tips for wallpaper on wardrobe doors
  • Replacement sliding wardrobe doors.
  • Modernizing wardrobe fronts.
  • Customization ideas
  • Wardrobe covering ideas
  • Vinyl wrap for wardrobe doors
  • Features of modern sliding wardrobe

Wallpaper for Wardrobe Doors 

In modern homes, wallpaper on wardrobe doors creates a bold and modern look. It enhances the overall style of your bedroom.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Wardrobe Doors 

Sliding Wardrobe can also be decorated with wallpaper to set the right theme and add textural quality to the room. Coming in many patterns and designs, you can select a style that will blend well with other items in the bedroom. Depending on the particular style which you can choose between flowers, geometric shapes, and some other (sometimes it is even easier to choose a more complicated drawing, but it depends on personal preference), the wallpaper can provide you with an immediate transformation of the appearance of the sliding wardrobe doors. 

Application Tips for Wallpaper on Wardrobe Doors 

Preparation: Wash the doors of the wardrobe well so that there are no impediments to affixing the wallpaper. 

Measurement and Cutting: Unroll the wallpaper and, using a measuring tape or a utility knife, determine the dimensions of the doors and cut them to the size of the door plus an overlapping edge. 

Adhesion: Use wallpaper adhesive in the right way and it is also a good idea to install the wallpaper on the doors carefully avoiding the formation of bubbles as well as wrinkles. 

Replacement Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Benefits of Replacement Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

Many homeowners find that changing their sliding doors for wardrobes leads to a new look for their bedroom. Contemporary wardrobe sliding doors, for example, white gloss wardrobe doors combine a stylish look that can complement the interior of your house. 

How to Choose Replacement Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

Material and Finish: You should think of the type of material you wish to use to make these replacement doors as well as the finish that you want. White glossy doors of the wardrobe are most preferred to have a sleek appearance followed by other people’s modern tastes. 

Compatibility: Make sure that they complement the general layout of the wardrobes that you intend to install the new doors on. It should match your room’s décor and your lifestyle. 

Installation: It is also essential to go through the manufacturer’s instructions for an easy implementation process. It allows you to replace the doors without any problem and without creating a mess.

Wardrobe Fronts: Modernizing Wardrobe Fronts 

Cosmetic changes that relate to the fronts of the wardrobe item can dramatically change the external appearance of the wardrobe. White gloss fronts especially on the wardrobes are the most appropriate if an individual intends to achieve the best modern outlook. They also bend the light, thus, making your room appear bright as if it is large. 

Customization Ideas for Wardrobe Fronts 

Handles and Hardware: To change the appearance of the handles and all sorts of hardware used, new and fashionable ones should be fixed there. At MN Furniture, you can also customize handles and hardware according to your basic needs including hanging clothes, store accessories, or hidden items. 

Trim and Moldings: Install trim or moldings to the wardrobes’ front for elegance and added texture. 

Glass Inserts: Install clear glass inserts to provide the contemporary look of the home. It adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to your living bedroom. It also enhances the overall aesthetics of your wardrobe and your bedroom. 

Wardrobe Covering Ideas 

Different wardrobe door covers give a total transformation of the wardrobe doors. There is a great choice from fabrics to vinyl coverings and much more. 

Using Vinyl Wrap for Wardrobe Doors 

Cloth, specifically vinyl wrap, is one of the most suitable to cover wardrobe doors since it is durable. It is available in different colors and prints and thus you can easily achieve your desired style. If your wardrobes have mirror doors then apply vinyl wrap on them. Then you don’t have to need an extra mirror for dressing. 


Ensure that the wardrobe doors are free from dirt and that they have a polished surface before the vinyl wrap is applied to them. It maintains the cleanliness and neatness of wardrobe doors. Clean doors create a modern, neat, and stylish look.


Cut the vinyl wrap and fit it into the door and to do this, it is made to ensure that the wrap has been elongated and that, when it is inserted into the door it should not be bunched up nor should it have creases in it. 

Finishing Touches

Cut off all the extra vinyl and also smoothen the edges to have a neat look. 

Vinyl Wrap for Wardrobe Doors 

Advantages of Vinyl Wrap for Wardrobe Doors 

Vinyl wrap is relatively cheap and one of the best materials that can be used in wardrobe door customization. Ideally suited for users who frequently change the look of their room or office as it can be easily put on and removed. 

How to apply Vinyl wrap to wardrobe doors

As you know, wardrobe doors are quite long and the Vinyl has to cover them entirely so here is how to do it correct application of Vinyl wrap to wardrobe doors. 

Cleaning: Wash the wardrobe doors well so that the vinyl can stick well onto the surface when applied. 

Cutting and Measuring: Cut the vinyl wrap into pieces that would be a perfect fit for the cars’ doors. 

Application: Remove the liner and stick the vinyl on the doors, which involves pushing the air bubbles out with a squeegee or cloth. 

Modern Wardrobe Sliding Doors 

In today’s modern era modern wardrobe sliding doors are perfect for modern living rooms. It adds a modern and elegant touch to your living room.

Features of Modern Wardrobe Sliding Doors 

Contemporary types of wardrobe sliding doors for instance the white gloss wardrobe doors have sleek frames and simple looks that are apt for modern designs. They also do not take up much space, and they by nature offer a minimalist look. 

Enhancing Modern Wardrobe Sliding Doors 

Lighting: Install the LED lighting strips along the borders of the doors to have a more appealing look for contemporary homes. 

Handles: Select frames with no handles or simple and thin handles that wouldn’t disrupt the look of the frames. 

Mirror Inserts: Introduce mirrors into wall designs as inserts to enhance the walls’ usefulness and generate the perception of an open space. 

Paint Wardrobe Doors Ideas  

To alter the aesthetic of your wardrobe doors, painting them is convenient as well as inexpensive. It does not matter if you decide to paint a wild color for your wardrobe or one that is rather close to the skin tone – the painting has the potential to give your wardrobe a whole new look. 

Steps to Paint Wardrobe Doors 

1. Preparation: Wash the doors gently using water and a soft cloth and then wipe off the dust from the doors. 

2. Priming: Use a primer to enable the paint to stick to the wall well and also last for a longer time. 

3. Painting: Select a good quality paint that can properly be used on the wardrobe doors. For trendier houses go with a shiny look and consider getting one of the well-known white gloss. 

4. Finishing: In case it is needed, it is recommended to make several layers, using more time between each layer to allow the paint to dry. 


Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for any bedroom; upgrading the style of these doors can transform the appearance of one’s bedroom. As far as options for your wardrobe, people are free to pick a wallpaper, vinyl wrap, or paint it, which gives numerous variants to make everything correspond to one’s individuality. Today fanciful wardrobe sliding doors like the white gloss wardrobe doors MN Furniture provide various solutions for such people. From these various options, you can add the elements of use and usefulness to the aspect of esthetics of the wardrobe.