How to Fit Mirrored Sliding Doors to an Old Bedroom Wardrobe

How to Fit Mirrored Sliding Doors to an Old Bedroom Wardrobe

Changing the old bedroom wardrobe by fitting mirrored sliding doors on it will give a new look and enhanced functionality. This process can update your room to a contemporary look, optimize your storage area, and add aesthetic appeal. As long as certain tactics and products are applied. It is possible to introduce change to your everyday clothes without a radical change in your wardrobes. Let us tell you how you can transform your bedroom with sliding mirror wardrobe

Upgrade Your Bedroom with Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors 

Sliding mirror doors are essential for wardrobes. It has many features and benefits. Sliding mirror wardrobes are easy to open and provide easy access to your accessories. Let’s understand the sliding mirror wardrobes. 

Understanding Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors 

Sliding mirror wardrobe doors really are an excellent option to choose from for getting a modern and trendy look for your bedroom. These doors not only produce space saver effect but also prevent dark spaces noticeable when you open a door to a room. There is available in a broad range of models and can be of various colors and finishes, so, you can pick a proper model that will suit your interior.

Benefits of Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors 

Sliding mirror wardrobes provide many advantages and benefits for you. 

Space Efficiency

In particular, sliding doors do not need extra space for opening; thus they are appropriate for a small bedroom. If you compare sliding doors with hinged doors, sliding doors take up less space. It opens by applying less force from one side to another.

Enhanced Light and Space Perception

The mirrors–light hits the mirrors and bounces back; this gives an impression that space is twice bigger than it actually is. It creates a modern and sleek look and brighten up your living room. 

Modern Aesthetics

Sliding doors are functional and practical as well as provide a modern touch to your living room and wardrobe. Sliding doors of mirrors are a type of minimalist design approach that can give a new touch to your room very smoothly. 


Can be in several designs and appearance to fit different intended home interior designs. At MN Furniture, we also have various designs of modern wardrobe doors. You can also customize your doors that cater to your basic needs and style preferences.  

Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

Mirror sliding wardrobe doors are the best choice for modern living rooms. Let us tell you how you can select the right mirror sliding wardrobe doors for your modern living room. 

Selecting the Right Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

Selecting the mirror sliding wardrobe doors entails understanding its dimensions, design, and what is required of it. Choose doors with proper measurements of your wardrobe so that you can have a perfect fit. With the overall design in mind, determine whether you prefer the mirrors to be full-length ones or whether the mirror can be complemented with other materials. 

Installation Tips for Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors 

Preparation: Check how strong is the wardrobe constructed so that the rollers of the sliding designs can be fitted firmly. Sliding doors must be designed with high-quality material and with sturdy construction that is durable and long-lasting. 

Track Installation: Fit tightly the upper and lower guides ensuring that they run in parallel to each other. It ensures that sliding doors work at the same time, and it does not create any difficulty in opening the doors.

Door Fitting: Open the sliding doors/retract them and make sure they glide into tracks appropriately well-oiled. After this, you can open the door with less force and it makes your life easy.

Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Doors 

Maintaining Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Doors 

Correct care in the products of sliding mirrored wardrobe doors helps to work without any underlying issues for a long time. Clean the mirrors with glass cleaner on a daily basis and ensure the tracks are free from any obstruction. It is if the sliding mechanism is beginning to stick apply some lubrication if required to ease the sliding mechanism movement. 

Enhancing the Functionality of Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe Doors 

It is also advisable to incorporate aspects that go with your wardrobe design such as the soft close mechanisms to the door of your sliding mirrored wardrobe. These mechanisms hold the doors closed to stop them from slamming shut in the process – this is quieter and safe. 

Can You Fit Sliding Doors to an Existing Wardrobe? 

If you want to fit sliding doors in your existing wardrobe, then you can! At MN Furniture, we also provide this offer in wardrobe sale, that you can customize new sliding doors for your previous wardrobe. You can also accessorize other items in your wardrobe, including shelves, drawers, or hidden storage compartments. 

Assessing the Feasibility 

Before deciding to fit new slab doors to an existing wardrobe it is first necessary to evaluate the existing wardrobe. Check that the general condition of the wardrobe is satisfactory and it would be able to bear the weight of the sliding doors. Verify whether the width allows for the installation of the sliding doors or not. 

Steps to Fit Sliding Doors to an Existing Wardrobe 

Remove old Doors: When handling doors and extracting the doors and other components like hinges or fittings, be very gentle. 

Prepare the Wardrobe: Sweep and wash any dirt and other stains that may be present on the wardrobe frame together with repairs of any broken parts that it may have.

Install Sliding Mechanism: Install the top track and bottom tracks of the sliding doors. 

Fit the Sliding Doors: Place the sliding doors into the tracks which should fit well in the grooves; if not adjust until they do. 

Can You Put New Doors on the Old Wardrobes? : Modernizing with New Doors 

Yes, the new doors can be attached to the old wardrobes in order to give that new look to the unit. It is cheap since it does not require one to purchase new furniture but just change the fabricator of the furniture. New doors can easily transform the look of the wardrobe and complement the existing interiors. 

Choosing the Right Replacement Doors 

When deciding upon the new doors for an old wardrobe recall the style as well as various types of the finish that will suit the bedroom. For the contemporary touch, it is best to select wardrobes with doors that have the ability to slide. There should be a good alignment of the new doors with the wardrobe structure in the room.

Can I Replace the Hinged Doors of a Wardrobe with Sliding ones? 

If you have a modern room and have a wardrobe with hinged doors. It cannot create a modern touch in your room. For a modern look, you should have to replace these hinged doors with sliding wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes are modern, sleek, and stylish as well as functional and practical. 

Transitioning from Hinged to Sliding Doors 

Converting hinged wardrobe doors to sliding doors can bring much-needed improvement to your wardrobe in functionality and appearance. Sliding doors are better, in terms of design, since they do not take up a lot of space in a room and look very minimalist. 

Steps to Change Hinged Doors to Sliding Doors 

1. Remove Hinged Doors: Really take out the hinges and existing doors that are enabling opening through another door that has been hinged. 

2. Install Sliding Tracks: Install the top and bottom tracks that are used by the sliding doors. 

3. Fit Sliding Doors: Fit the doors in the tracks and make the corrections that may be needed. 

How Do You Modernize Old Wardrobe Doors? : Updating with Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors 

Possible redecorations of old wardrobe doors include changing them to sliding mirror wardrobe doors. This update enhances the aesthetics of your wardrobe as well as the usability and contemporary appeal of your bedroom. 

Additional Modernization Ideas 

1. Painting or Refinishing: However, if you do not want to replace the doors, you can stain them in the desired color to make them appear new. 

2. Adding Decorative Elements: Upgrade old handles, or install a few moldings to change the looks of your appliances. 

3. Incorporating Lighting: The addition of LED lighting strips around the wardrobe can be used to give a new fashionable look. 


Installing modern mirror sliding doors on an old bedroom wardrobe is one of the best and most appropriate decorative ideas. The alternative sliding mirror wardrobe doors are not only fashionable for your room but also have other effects including space-saving and better light reflection. Including this change implies the ability to equip new hinged doors if needed or freshen up the appearance of the room by changing the doors that were originally sliding. We at MN Furniture provide the best sliding mirror wardrobe door styles that would complement your home decor to the fullest extent.